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Customer Testimonials

Good morning Mr. Falk!


We wanted to share with you that Leonor got the

leading roll in "Fantastic Mr. Fox" at Area Stage. She will be performing the

weekend of June 26 all times except Saturday at 2. We will be extremely happy if

you can join us any of these three dates. 

We also want to take the opportunity to thank you one more time for all your help through this process and for teaching Leo the love of music. 

Have a fantastic day. Hope to see you soon.


Leonor Burgana


Thank you Steve for a wonderful year! It's been a great experience for Ella, and it's beautiful to see her confidence and abilities grow. We appreciate all the work you put into the kids. Ella would love to continue with the group next year in Avengers. She is very excited! Let me know when you can do lessons over the summer.

Many thanks, Michelle Castro


As you are aware, Mr. Falk got Sammy into drumming when he was in 4th grade. Fast forward, he took his music to the next level. He’s still a 13 year-old child, but his drumming talent, we’re told, is fairly impressive. 
Sammy is one of perhaps thousands of very talented Alexander graduates that have gone to do big things in their lives. Sam still takes his academics very seriously (He is going to DASH in August), but he would like to explore his drumming talent to the full extent.
Thanks to you, the school, and Mr. Falk for creating the “to learn to love to learn” habit in our children.
All the best,
Hadi Yaziji