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Take a Video Tour with the Rock Bands & The Show Choir

    Disney World    2018

           The Show Choir                         Busch Gardens   2018                        

 Music Fest Universal Studios May 2017

    Disney World May 2016
  "Confident" Video Disney 2016
                                             "Frozen" 2015



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         Paulina & The Rockers 


Mr Falk and Gary Powell's "Beatle Band"

     SIngers Club & The Avengers
           Victoria V & Isabella

           "Maps"                               "TNT" 

Mr. Falk's Rock School began in 2010 by the former Director of "School of Rock",  Mr. Stephen Falk. He has been an Academic School Music Director 20 years and also directs both  The Show Choir, Rock Bands and The Singers Club after school.  He earned his degree in Music from Oakland University. MI.

  Mr Falk is an award winning composer, writer/arranger, guitarist, vocalist & keyboard performer (he toured & played keys for Wild Cherry   " Play That Funky Music ").  He and Gary Powell design the music for the bands to play.  The music is simple at first so almost any student can play the fundamental songs of rock. The Rock Bands have performed for many audiences in the Miami, Coral Gables, PineCrest, and  Cutler Bay  area for 9 years. 

   When Mr. Falk attended elementary school in Detroit Michigan, he started a successful band at the age of 11 and modeled it after Motown and the British invasion music.  In college, he lead a band that performed at schools teaching music history of American jazz and rock.  In the 1970s & 80s, Mr. Falk toured the world with different groups and bands.
In 1996, he performed a concert for President Clinton.  In 2003, for one year, Mr. Falk performed a one man show on 4 Carnival Ships , before returning back to education.
Our Percussionist Instructor,
Gary Powell is a highly skilled drum teacher from London England and trains the drummers for their shows.

The groups meet after school  (3:15 - 4:15pm) and are designed for boys and girls 6 to 10 years interested in rock music, vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums, keys and show entertainment.

  Open to all 1st thru 5th graders. The groups meet once a week for about an hour.  Private lessons available on all instruments.


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                    The Show Choir Club

           The Show Choir Club  has 2 different types of musical groups for girl singers.  Open to all Kindergarten 1st thru 4th graders.  The groups meet once a week for about an hour after school.   
The Singers Club is an all girl group ( K thru 2nd grade) that meet, arrange and sing to background music, learn  fundamental vocal skills, then add simple choreography to their show.  
     It's a great place to get your daughter started singing with others at her level.  The Singers Club not only gives each girl a chance to sing solo, harmonize, and explore the music of Arianna Grande, Zedd, Demi Levato, Sia, Allesia Cara, Disney and more, but make friends and have fun in the club singing their favorite songs. 
     The group performs at least 4 times a year at festivals, school and malls.  When they reach 3rd grade, they can advance to the award winning singing group The Show Choir.

The Show Choir (2nd - 4th grade) is for girls and must pass an audition. 
     We add more vocal harmony,  professional costumes, choreography and go on tour to the finest stages in Florida. 
     The Show Choir performs concerts, festivals, cruises, parades , museums , malls and competitions all around Miami, Orlando, Tampa and internationally.  They have a powerful delivery of singing and choreography to songs like "Stay" "The Greatest Showman"  and  "Hamilton, "


     This includes a trip to Walt Disney World each year, where we participate in the "Disney Experience" clinics.  Skilled trainers and choreographers work with the students for hours on their private back lot studio,  perfecting their show.   The following day, we perform on Disney's "Market Place Stage" in Disney Springs in front of 500 guests.   All performers become a cast member for a day and they receive "Performing Arts" mouseketeer ears, an official Disney certificate of accomplishment and the group Trophy.

   We also compete at Universal Studio's "Music USA Fest", a national  vocal competition held on the backlots of
Universal where 3 phds. in Music, evaluate and judge school choirs.  Hundreds of Middle and High Schools all across America compete each year.    Awards and evaluations go to the winners and runner ups.  We won 1st Place in 2019.

   We  always accept invitations to Busch Gardens  "Music in the Park" Vocal Competition.  The groups are judged by College Professors of Music and the award ceremonies take place at Busch Gardens Theater.  The Choir won in 2018.

   The "Merrick Park Caroling Contest" in Coral Gables is where 30 schools in the Miami District compete for Cash Prizes in December. 5 judges determine the Runner Ups and Grand Prize winners.   We have sung there and have won the Grand Prize.

      We have taken our show on the Carnival Cruise Line "The Victory" to the Bahamas and performed on our own stage a 2 hour Rock Show and Vocal performance for our audience and families.   All singers got to sing a solo.  Last June, the Rock Band and Singers performed on the Royal Caribbean "Enchantment of the Seas" ship and visited Nassau and Coco Cay for 3 days. 

   All family members are welcome to join in our tours.  The difference is:  Instead of your son or daughter coming to the park and sitting in the audience, they are on stage, starring in the show at Disney, Universal, the Beaux Arts Festival, or the most prestigious venues of family entertainment.

   Our fashion coordinator, Stephanie Johnson, keep the singers looking spectacular, plans our tours and keeps the details organized for each family.  
       Our Choreographer is Angel Logan, renowned Dance instructor and owner of Empire Dance Studios.     She provides the steps and movements that make our Show Choir the number one group in Florida.

     In 2019, we are scheduled to perform at Universal Studios, Merrick Park, EPCOT and Disney World.
       Both vocal groups and bands are managed by professionals in their field at the school and the students learn to perform on stage and enjoy doing it.   Many go on to star in Bands, Musicals and High School vocal competitions.  Thespian winners, Best Actress awards, and one student (Steve Marley) went on to record a hit record with Katy Perry in '17.  Don't miss this opportunity for your child to learn to sing in a successful, fun and exciting program.   Please join us and contact me about these enriching musical clubs for your child.                                                

 2014  1st Place Jr. Orange Bowl     
 2016  Disney Awards (3)
 2017  2nd Place  Universal Studios 

 2018  1st Place Busch Gardens 
 2018  1st Place Merrick Park        
 2019  1st Place Universal Studios

     Star Sisters 2019
            The  Show Choir
               Disney World
         Day & Times

    Mon - The Singers Club
3:10 - 4:10

    Tue  -   The Singers Club
3:10 - 4:10

    Wed - The Show Choir
3:10 - 4:10

   Thur -   Rock Band
3:00 - 4:00
                Rock Band II
4:00 - 5:00
   Fri -     Piano Lessons
3:00 - 5:00

    The Show Choir '19

            The Show Choir
            Universal Studios

Calendar ROCK BANDS and SINGER CLUBS  2018 - 2019

AUG 27   Clubs and Piano Lessons                               OPEN

OCT 25    Halloween Carnival                         Singers Club/TSC

NOV 16   Southland Mall 6 PM    Singers Club/TSC/Rock Bands

NOV 28   Merrick Park Caroling Competition    1st Place  TSC

DEC 13    School Holiday Concert                  ALL Students attend


JAN 11    Beaux Arts Festival  Singers Club/TSC/Rock Bands

JAN 18-19    Disney Experience Tour        The Show Choir

FEB 23         Spring Carnival        Singers Club/TSC/Rock Bands

MAR 10        Photo Shoot   12 - 5 PM              ALL Performers

APR 12        Southland Mall   6 PM               The Show Choir

May  4         Universal Studios Music Fest    The Show Choir

MAY 9         School Spring Concert                ALL Students attend

MAY 31       Southland Mall    6 PM                     Rock Bands

JUN 1         Ravelo Hall  6 PM                           Piano Recital

JUN 3         Awards & Closing Ceremonies     ALL Performers

JUN 4         Clubs and Piano Lessons                    CLOSE

                                      Coming in 2020

                                     Disney World 2020


Reviews from Parents: 2019 
"Congratulations Mr Falk! There are so many things that the girls take from this victory!
We thank you for your dedication and the heart you put into what you do."
The Shah-Escandon family

"Thank you Mr Falk! It was a great experience for the kids and the parents.
Couldn’t have done it without you. Really appreciated it."

Joe Lau Family

"Many thanks to you Mr Falk!! Congratulations!!! You are an inspiration for all the kids."
Gisela Salomon


                    PIANO LESSONS
Mr. Falk teaches Piano privately and has a traditional piano program designed for kids 5 years and up. 

The student is taught how to play, read and interpret piano music. They learn Beethoven, Mozart and classical music at first and for their annual recitals.  The student is also given songs (Broadway, pop, jazz or rock) they like to play and it makes learning piano fun and enjoyable. 

My system is for fun and relaxation so the student always plays at a comfortable level. Lessons
can be played on a piano or a keyboard and a recital is presented in June where each student gets a trophy.    Call, Text or Email
Call/Text   305 205 4811        [email protected]


Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons for students, teens or adults. Acoustic or electric, the course teaches you the chords, power chords and how to accompany yourself on the guitar.  The music is easy Beatle and pop songs at first, and then branches out to songs that interest the student.  If you want to play in a rock band, the basic foundation is taught in a few easy lessons.    Contact for lessons.
              [email protected]


Mr. Falk, a professional image builder, who has photographed thousands of groups and singers for decades. Annually, all of the students have a  photo shoot with the best make up artists,3 Photographers, editing, lighting and the facilities to make them look like stars.
High Key Digital Photography techniques and style, we highlight the subject and add glamour for both Internet and Print pictures.    Each Group and performer creates a poster, their own personal 8" x 10"s, and make lifetime memories of themselves and their groups.