The Show Choir

VOCAL COACHING                      CHOREOGRAPHY                         STAGE EXPERIENCE                    HARMONY


A Show Choir is a group of performers that sing with choreography.

The Show Choir started in 2015 to train and coach elementary voices from K - 5th grade.    

The Choir features elementary singers at their vocal best, from the Alexander Montessori  School.

And they have become a Disney favorite at the Orlando Theme Park. 

Almost all famous singers started when they were children and the Show Choir Experience

gives your child the journey it takes,  to become an outstanding singer.

Technical vocal studies, microphone practice, solos, harmony knowledge along with vocal experience in front of live audiences.

The Show Choir entertains audiences at their school, festivals and concert stages in Orlando and Miami. 

They also compete in Music Festivals with schools from around the nation, and have won many first & second place awards.

Many of our singers  go on to win leads in school musicals, advanced choral groups, acting playhouses and competitions in middle and high school.

Come join the excitement, the education and especially the fun of a singing group!